picbio_MikeCMike J. Conway, Jr.
Chairman and Founder

In 1976, Michael J. Conway, Jr. co-founded Ashwood Homes, the first in the Ashwood line. Over the past 28 years, Conway has been the driving force of growth and expansion for the Ashwood Companies. Today, Conway is the sole owner of Ashwood Homes, Ashwood Development, Ashwood Townhomes and Ashwood Construction. He has also developed partnerships and, in turn, established companies in project development (AHDC), and framing (CC&A Construction).
Having played a significant leadership role in California’s multi-family housing industry, he has become one of the state’s most prominent developer-builders. With Conway at the helm, Ashwood Construction has completed more than 15,000 units in over 100 projects with number of units ranging from fewer than 40 to more than 400.  Among theses, Ashwood’s greatest successes are the many affordable developments throughout the state sponsored by CalFHA, HUD, HOME, MHP, RDA, LIHTC and local housing development coalitions.

Under his direction, Ashwood Construction has received many prestigious awards. In 1993, the California State Assembly awarded Conway a Commendation for outstanding community service to the people of the Fresno area. Also in 1993, the Pacific Coast Builders Conference awarded the Cottonwood Grove, Best Apartment Project. In 2004, MJC was recognized with several awards including: Commendation for the Kings Villages Apartments by the City of Pasadena, Certificate of Recognition from California State Assembly and the Family Self-Sufficiency Program Corporation, Inc. awarded a Special Recognition for our company’s leadership and contribution to the program.

Heavily involved in community betterment programs and charitable organizations, Conway and Ashwood Construction have contributed significantly both monetarily and in services provided. Right to Life, St. Helen’s Catholic School, Catholic Relief Services, Redemporist of Nigeria, St. John’s Cathedral Restoration, Our Lady of Lourdes Parish, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, Family Self Sufficiency, St. Lucy’s Catholic Church, Lemoore Christian Aid and Adopt-A-School are among those charities which have benefited from donations from Conway and Ashwood Construction.

Conway’s focus for Ashwood has always been the integrity, persistence and quality of our team and of our product. He has handpicked and developed our core team of Project Managers and Executive Management. His partnerships have been strategically established to ensure a smooth job flow and on-time completion record.  This “hands-on” approach has provided Ashwood Construction with the maximum capability to expedite production and control costs, factors that are critical to success.