Design/Build Relationship

We at Ashwood Construction, Inc. believe that the best relationship is one where all the partners are involved at the beginning.  The architect, the engineer, the contractor and, of course, the developer/owner.  Ashwood specializes in this type of building.

We are able, as a result of upfront involvement, to offer our considerable experience in value add options, lest costly solutions and livable unit design.  Having development team members in a collaborative effort designed to establish trust and build the foundation necessary to support a long-term, mutually successful relationship. Typically, this process begins with a meeting to determine the type of housing project required. Often this meeting can be arranged to coincide with a tour of a similar Ashwood project designed to showcase some of the best practices and efficiencies realized on previous projects.

Working with the Owner or Developer through the planning stages, Ashwood Construction helps identify critical project requirements as well as “added value” features such as recreational areas and on-site day care centers that contribute to an overall sense of well being for residents and their guests.

The results of this process are evident in Ashwood’s final product: quality product with many of the values of custom construction.

Example opportunities identified by Ashwood Construction on recent projects:

  • Re-specification of the lighting package for an apartment project in Chico, CA that reduced the overall project cost by $210,000.
  • Redesign of an exterior wall assembly on another apartment project in Tracy, CA yielded a net savings of $240,000.
  • Significant cost savings were achieved through the use of an Ashwood concept for the interior finish package at a project currently under construction in Brentwood, CA.
  • On a rehab project in Pasadena, CA, Ashwood was able to effect structural improvements through the use of an innovative, on-site mobile home community for temporary tenant relocation during the work.
  • When asked to complete a troubled project in Redding, CA, Ashwood value-managed the transition process in a cooperative effort with both the City and the Developing Agency, thereby minimizing the turnover costs and enabling the project to be completed ahead of expectations.